Types of Partnerships

Partner with us at different levels based on your desired level of involvement with the business

  • Refer a Client
    Earn for the referral of clients.
    Advantage: This is perfect for those who have a strong contact base of clients but do not get involved with managing the referred clients on a daily basis.
  • Business Partner
    Maintain the entire relationship with clients. Receive dedicated set up support from a relationship manager.
    Advantage: Ideal for those who have a limited number of clients and are just looking to enter into this business.
  • Authorised Personal (Franchisee)
    Ability to set up and run your own business and offer the entire range of products available. Receive dedicated support for risk monitoring and operational related issues.
    Advantage: Ideal for those with a lot of clients and large trading volumes. Training will be provided for those that are interested. You may set up a center anywhere in the country.

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